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This reward is for a limited time only, we do not know how long Sofi Bank will be offering it. I am NOT an employee or associated with any department of Sofi Bank, I am a banking customer only.

I am not a financial advisor. All rewards and promotions are directly from Sofi Bank. Please do your own due diligence.

Reynold Diaz

Sofi Bank of LA Rams Sofi Stadium is offering a free online bank account with a debit card that pays $25 to the enroller and $75 cash rewards to everyone that refers someone to the account. A fully FDIC insured bank, just like Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Chase, but with Great Rewards.

YOU set up your account and receive your OWN $25 and then you will set up your family and friends and THEY will all get the same $25, and you get $75 for everyone that gets the $25.

You just need to deposit $50 to sign up for the account, via a debit card or connect your other bank account to make the deposit, just like opening any bank account. It’s free to get your $25, but you need to have $50 available to set it up, but it is your funds, and it is not locked up or you are buying a package, etc. Yes, it’s true and it works, and I have done it myself! They have posted that the program can stop at any time, so act fast.

Watch this short video from Chris that explains more of the rewards!