Connects Mission is to provide a decentralized marketplace for people around the world to participate in blockchain product solutions and get rewarded through ownership of NODES and Proof of Action!

president imgStephen Miller
President of Connect

Stephen has built businesses from Real Estate to Personal and business development and growth. He has quickly become a Blockchain expert and has spoken all over the world on emerging blockchain technologies. Stephen has contributed to many breakthrough blockchain technologies and is now serving the Connect Community, making blockchain even more accessible.

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WINN Nodes are 2,000 each, but for a Limited Time your Sponsor will provide you with a 1,500 coupon, reducing your Nodes purchase to only 500 each up to 5 nodes.


Step 01: Register a FREE Account with Connect
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Step 02: Buy WINN Node with Crypto or Credit Card
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Step 03: Host your WINN Node on Block Fabric ($4.95 per month)
mint WINN Rewards Daily with NO Down time and hassle free on
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Step 04: OPTIONAL – share – to EARN more WINN and enjoy the price increase!

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